Week 16.2 – The Big Payoff

After more than four months of studying the Master Key system, many members have created new habits, new ways of thinking, taking new actions and thus, are experiencing more focus, more creativity, more success and even long held dreams are becoming reality.

Staying on track with the readings, sitting, exercising the body, observing random acts of kindness, being the observer and giving no opinions, practicing the Mental Diet, keeping one’s promises all result in positive changes in the lives of hundreds of people.

The challenge to participate in, observe and record random acts of kindness created a phenomenal mastermind group! In one week’s time, a group of less than 500 people made in excess of 9,000 comments about random acts of kindness! If we can do that in such a short period of time, what else can we do when we determine a definite purpose, create a mastermind group and focus on the completion of a goal. We are far more powerful than we know!

One other key is to give yourself permission to be happy and fully believe in your purpose, otherwise, you may find yourself drifting far off course. Seek out your mastermind group for ideas and accountability and see how far you can go!


MKMMA – Week 15.2 Thoughts Clothed in Words

Davene J says at the end of reading Hanaal’s chapter 15: “Clothe yourself in the words you want your life to be”. This is the perfect summary of a very meaty chapter on thoughts, words and insight. Words express our thoughts and bring those thoughts to life. Thus, if we desire harmonious conditions in our life, we need to be extremely careful in describing what we want in the future.

If our current situation is not one that we desire, it is necessary to look carefully at the thoughts and words we use ALL THE TIME because they are what have come into our life. Choosing our thoughts and words carefully takes a great deal of insight which can only be found in the silence.

What do you desire in 2016? Do your thoughts and subsequent words describe what you want or what you don’t want? Remember, what you think about grows and eventually comes into your life – whether it’s desirable or not, is up to you.

MKMMA Week 14.2 October Sky

The movie October Sky is a beautiful illustration of the power of having a definite major purpose; persistence; surrounding yourself with a mastermind group; listening to those who support you; continuing to love those who just don’t understand; taking one small step at at time in the right direction. Homer Hickham had a dream to build a rocket to compete in the National Science Fair, enabling him to get an education that would keep him from leading the life of a coal miner. The odds were “a million to 1” as he told one of his friends, but he persisted, eventually convincing even the hard-core skeptics, that he could succeed.

The MKMMA program teaches the same principles and gives the tools to reach our dreams but it’s up to US to apply the knowledge. Reading the recipe is not the same as making the cake and eating it! MKMMA graduates are now writing their success stories and seeing them on the movie boards across the country and around the world.


MKMMA Week 13.2

The Holidays are the perfect time to practice the Mental Diet, be the Observer; offer no opinions unless asked for our expertise; continue all the exercises, sits, and readings; focus on our Definite Major Purpose and celebrate our successes!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Ray Lada is thrilled with his progress and writes:

“Wow……this MasterKey lesson made so much sense to me! So exciting…..I am seeing more and more doors open and tools available that have just fallen into my lap to expand my online marketing businesses. I truly give the credit to this course and by learning persistence in developing new habits by doing the reads, the sits, the meditations, are having a huge impact on transforming my subby!” Read more: Ray

Terrific way to finish the year strong!


MKMMA Week 11.2

MKMMA member Nick Wheeler begins his Week 11 post with these words:

t’s hard to believe 11 weeks have passed. I can say that I have passed the point of no return, in a very good way! I know that I have changed and am continuing to grow. I am acting in a much more positive manner reacting to negative situations in positive loving reactions. Though I have not made it past a couple of days of the mental diet without restarting it has become part of me much like a healthy food diet and it truly feels good mentally and physically to live by this diet.  Read more: Nick


MKMMA 2015/15 – Week 8 – Isn’t that Fascinating

This has become my new mantra when I have a negative thought – just turn it around and say “isn’t that fascinating?” Jim Rohn used to suggest that as a way to become the observer and not get caught up in complaining about a situation or other people’s behavior.

I’ve done pretty well with not having negative thoughts until sitting in a concert this evening with children who were noisy and other annoying behavior. I turned my thoughts to considering the view point of others and then sent them my love, silently and people settled down. It was all quite fascinating.

I’ve also been considering Haneel 8.4 “Form the habit of analyzing every thought. If it is necessary, if it’s manifestation in the objective will be benefit, not only to yourself, but to all whom it may affect in any way, keep it; treasure it; it is of value; it is in tune with the Infinite; it will grow and develop and produce fruit an hundred fold. On the other hand….”learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out of your office, and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.”  If I dwell on nothing else this week, this paragraph has the power to change my life.

It’s amazing what comes into our lives when we have a definite major purpose and focus on it’s manifestation. This week a new business opportunity came across my desk that has the potential to accelerate the growth of my dreams and change my life in wonderful ways. I’m excited about watching it grow!

2015/16 Week 7 – Choices

I grew up accepting what was taught both verbally and non-verbally, without ever asking very many questions and not realizing that I had the power to make different choices in my life. Now I have the tools to do so. It’s interesting to be on this journey for a second time and pick up on different things that I either missed last year or understand at a deeper level. All of the exercises with shapes, index cards, readings, movie trailer, dream board, recording, etc. are coming together much better this time around.

The mental diet is always an eye opener. Staying away from giving my opinions continues to be a challenge but awareness is much of the battle. Negative comments verbally or in my head are decreasing, or so I thought, until I was stuck in extremely heavy traffic last night. Eventually I was able to turn my thoughts to “how fascinating”.

I also continue to pursue my passions, gently turning down an offer of working an additional 20 hours a week to support someone else’s business. It would have been easy to accept but would have delayed, yet again, building my MLM business.

Every morning I look at my calendar and note if there are things on it that put a knot in my stomach. If there are, I ask myself a few questions – Is it something I could delegate to someone else? Change my attitude toward it? Is it truly my responsibility? What other choices do I have about it? Do I need support from someone to look at some alternatives? This short exercise keeps me focused and on-target a greater percentage of the time. Choices – we all them but not everyone exercises them; I now know with certainty that I CAN change the old blue print and make different choices that change the outcomes in my life.